Falciano, San Marino
April 2018 – April 2022

I started my collaboration with Funnel Company as a Social media Manager, but since then we collaborated for various project of marketing consulting and project management.


As project manager, I:

  • Advised more than 40 businesses of different industries and sizes (up to over €10 Million companies) on the creation and implementation of a funnel marketing strategy.
  • Directed a group of 8 people for the development of websites, paid user acquisition on Facebook and Google, and corporate videos.
  • Designed hundreds of marketing assets like funnels, social media contents and paid advertisement to optimise marketing performances (one client generated 150.000€+ in revenue in less than 90 days by only investing 420€ in advertising).
  • Redacted 13 blog articles about Community management, organic traffic and business organisation.
  • Speaker at 20+ business oriented events, such as Traffic Bootcamp™ and Funnel Marketing Live®.


In the years I was collaborating with Funnel Company, the agency obtained outstanding growth


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