March 2022 – April 2022

The client is a well-known Italian Business Consulting Agency on the market since 1988.

We were contacted to manage the marketing aspect of the launch of its next book, with a first batch of 10,000 copies to sell in one month.

Altough the client had access to a vast network of Public Relations and publications, he needed a smart offer and the construction of a platform that allowed the direct selling of the book, with the acquisition of datas.

To do so we decided to bundle the book with a free Business Coach consulting (with a value of over 1.000€), which was available only until the Coaches were fully booked.

Here is what we did:

  1. We developed a simple book funnel, composed of an Optin Page, a Sales Page, an Order Page and a Thank You Page. We showed some extracts from the book and a personal letter from the book author.
  2. We decided to focus the advertising on the Meta platforms and on Youtube, and prepared 
  3. We coordinated with the rest of the PR team to ensure a smooth launch process. As soon as the , the ads
  4. The 10000 copies went sold-out in less than 27 days, and the number of consultancies booked was rising by the day. More on that in the next section!


The book was sold at a price of 19€, enough to repay the costs of publishing and advertising. But the real value was in the free consultancy that came with the book, which opened the path for the sale of high end services: here is how the launch went!


€ Advertising spent


Copies delivered (sold-out)


Business Consulting delivered


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