Emilia-Romagna, Italy
June 2017 – November 2020

Vierre Hub was a project started in 2017 in partnership with Luca Galofaro and Luca Vitale.

The main goal of the project was to generate awareness about the possibilities of Immersive Technologies regarding gaming, entertainment and art to the local public.

We organized and took part in a large number of public and private events, engaged with hundreds of people and generated a solid fanbase (still partly active on our private Whatsapp Group). When the COVID Pandemic hit, we had to focus on other projects and Vierre Hub was shut down.

  • Managed all social media and outbound communications to find new customers and players.
  • Kept our community of over 600+ local VR enthusiasts engaged with social media contents, online and offline gatherings and contests.
  • Organised and advertised 40+ gaming events and tournaments in key regional locations.
  • Held 5 seminars on the history and correct use of the VR technology in partnership with local high schools.


In three years of activity, we were able to show the potential of Immersive Technologies to a very large group of people, and in various important public contexts.


Public Events




Social Fans