Perugia, Umbria, Italy
October 2019 – November 2019

The Perugia Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with IFOA, has organized numerous training programs provided in the form of workshops in various institutes in Umbria. For the “Cassata Gattapone” State Industrial Institute in Gubbio, the subject dealt with was marketing, where I was summoned as a speaker.

The project took place over 3 weeks with 5 workshops lasting 2 hours each in which I went to explain to the fourth graders not only the importance of the key concepts of marketing in any work situation, but also how to use their creativity to create their work.

I organized the 5 workshops in the following way:

  1. Marketing is Not a Fraud (or The basics of GOOD Marketing)
  2. Social ≠ Kittens (or The importance of Social Networks)
  3. The Power of Branding
  4. The Future is Present (or The Importance of staying Innovative and up to date)
  5. Becoming an Entrepreneur (or The Mindset and Actions you need to take to become an Entrepreneur)

You can take a look at the slides I used for the lessons by clicking on the button below: